Science Gallery Detroit

Science Gallery Detroit will engage academics and students at Michigan State University with new approaches and means of collaboration, embedding multidisciplinarity and public engagement at all levels in the university system.

Science Gallery is the world's only university network dedicated to public engagement through science and art. Founded by Trinity College Dublin in 2008, Science Gallery has since expanded to four continents and seven countries worldwide.

Michigan State University's Science Gallery Detroit is the first and only North American location of the global network. This summer, Science Gallery Detroit launched its sophomore exhibition, DEPTH, which explored humanity's connection to water. The free admission also included free general admission to the Michigan Science Center, located in Detroit's Midtown area.

Science Gallery Detroit aims to inspire young adults ages 15-25. Therefore, in place of traditional docents, Science Gallery "mediators," a team of young adults ages 18-25, guide visitors through brief storytelling experiences to infuse further curiosity and bring the exhibition to life.

"Science Gallery is bold, thoughtful, and engaged with an international community that helps to further link Detroit and Michigan to the entire world," said Jeff Grabill, Director, Science Gallery Detroit, and MSU Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning and Technology. "We're aiming to surprise, connect and participate with visitors through the blending of art, science, technology and conversation."

Recent Exhibits

HUSTLE: A multimedia exhibition of interactive works and participatory experiences that examined the many definitions of survival and success.

DEPTH: Explored water's intense power—one that creates catastrophic storms and floods—while also showcasing the beauty and life it brings.

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