The Global Engagement Speaker Series (2016-present)

University Outreach and Engagement, International Studies and Programs, and The Graduate School have partnered to organize the Global Engagement Speaker Series. The MSU Global Engagement Speaker Series invites individuals of distinction from higher education, global organizations, and philanthropies to share their thoughts, research, and practice with the MSU community. Advancing fundamental human rights and meeting basic human needs are the primary foci for the Series. Speakers highlight the role of higher education as a collaborator, working with civil societies, governments, and industry to enhance societal well-being. The speakers' bios and abstracts, video of presentations, and audio recordings and transcripts of interviews with the speakers are available at the Global Engagement Speaker Series Website.

The Engaged Scholar Speaker Series (2005-2015)

Originally organized by The National Collaborative for the Study of University Engagement (NCSUE), the The Engaged Scholar Speakers Series took place from 2005-2015. Through it, NCSUE invited nationally renowned speakers to discuss the theory and practice of engagement, with a particular focus on community-based participatory research. Topics ranged from research using citizen knowledge work (IT and usability) to partnerships in the health professions, balancing hope and critique in the public humanities, higher education's public mission, the urban setting, and work and family issues.