College of Education: Urban Initiatives in Detroit and Beyond

  • Sonya Gunnings-Moton
  • Senior Advisor to the Provost
  • Associate Dead, Support Services and Engagement
  • College of Education
College of Education building

The College of Education at Michigan State University has a record of successful partnerships in service to urban students and educators, and many efforts have been designed to help teachers and researchers gain the knowledge and experiences needed to effect positive change in urban contexts. Key initiatives include the following.

Urban Educators Cohort Program

This program gives future educators the tools to understand the history and effects of social, cultural, and financial issues that play out in urban schools and to effectively meet the needs of all learners in these contexts. Incoming freshman have the opportunity to experience specialized courses and activities together as a close-knit group for the first two years on campus and then continue in the Teacher Preparation Program.

Urban Immersion Fellowship

This competitive, paid fellowship offers students the opportunity to spend seven weeks in Detroit, working with Detroit Schools Summer School programming or a Detroit-based nonprofit community organization serving children, youth, and families. Students receive in-depth exposure to the City of Detroit and its community resources as they develop into highly effective urban educators and leaders.

Master of Arts in K-12 Educational Administration

The M.A. in K-12 Educational Administration prepares aspiring educators for leadership positions in public, charter, and private schools. Its hybrid format allows practicing educators to be part of a strong community of leaders; experience rigorous, high-quality, and collaborative learning experiences; network with colleagues across Michigan and beyond; learn from peers in diverse contexts; and develop relationships with teachers and other students. The Detroit program meets at the MSU Detroit Center on Woodward Avenue.

"The College of Education is deeply committed to preparing educators and educational leaders who will play a critical role in addressing opportunity gaps that exist across schools and communities. We are involved and invested in urban education on multiple fronts, and are addressing the challenges and opportunities that teachers, educational leaders and learners face in urban settings through a lens of possibilities and promise. We know the power of partnerships. All of our efforts in the city are built on a foundation of successful partnerships that have been nurtured throughout the years."

Sonya Gunnings-Moton
Senior Advisor to the Provost
Associate Dean, Support Services and Engagement
College of Education

  • Photograph courtesy of University Communications

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