Developing and Maintaining Online Directories of MSU Resources: Catalog Websites

"Each a concrete example of how MSU translates new ideas into practical knowledge that improves the quality of life for Michigan residents."

Lou Anna K. Simon
President, Michigan State University

MSU Statewide

MSU's Office of University Outreach and Engagement maintains the MSU Statewide website, an online catalog of more than 1,000 programs and services that connect MSU resources with Michigan's professionals and practitioners working in government, business and industry, education, agriculture, nonprofit organizations, health care, law, and the media. Resources profiled on the site are searchable by keyword, topic and subtopic, program type, date, and location. Users can find professional development opportunities, such as conferences, online courses and certificate programs; medical and clinical services; publications, software, and databases; expert consulting; and special events, such as performances and exhibits.

Spartan Youth Programs

The Spartan Youth Programs (SYP) website is a popular web portal that displays a wide range of exciting opportunities for pre-K through 12th grade students to improve their knowledge and skills in specific subject areas. With over 200 listings, the SYP is the comprehensive source for finding resources in agriculture, art, business, computers, engineering, math, music, science, sports, and writing. The SYP can be searched for summer and school year programs, opportunities to earn college credit, residential experiences on the MSU campus, programs that include financial assistance, and study abroad possibilities. Precollege programs are an excellent way for students to explore career possibilities while being introduced to the college environment.

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