Outreach and Engagement at Michigan State University, 2009

Sponsored by MSU's National Collaborative for the Study of University Engagement (NCSUE), the Outreach and Engagement Measurement Instrument (OEMI) gathers data about the outreach activities of MSU faculty and academic staff. The information is self-reported and participation in the annual survey is voluntary. Data for 2009 were collected between January and March 2010 and represent the sixth year of data collection; 827 faculty and academic staff responded to the survey. Since 2004, 2,725 distinct (non-duplicative) respondents have reported their outreach and engagement through the OEMI. For this snapshot, OEMI data are augmented with data from the service-learning and civic engagement student registration system.

OEMI results for 2009* include the following:


Value of salary investment by MSU faculty and academic staff in addressing issues of public concern (data from those reporting outreach activities on the OEMI)


Respondents whose outreach contributed to achieving Boldness by Design (BBD) imperatives:

76.5% = Enhanced the student experience

79.8% = Enriched community, economic, and family life

46.9% = Expanded international reach

66.4% = Increased research opportunities

60.4% = Strengthened stewardship


Number of specific projects/activities reported

Of the respondents who described specific projects/activities:

46.6% = Reported working with external partners

42.5% = Reported having created intellectual property and scholarly outcomes

34.1% = Reported that their outreach work impacted their scholarly or teaching practices

CHART:  Forms of Engagement reported by MSU Faculty and Academic Staff in 2009
CHART:  Forms of Outreach Cross-Tabulated with Societal Concerns for 2009
CHART:  Number of Student Applications for Service-Learning Received and Accommodated, 2002-2010

* The number of "responses" is greater than the number of "respondents." Respondents were given the opportunity to describe their engagement activities for up to two areas of social concern; each description was counted as a separate response.

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