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Engaged Cross-Cultural Scholarship with Latino Families

Engaged Cross-Cultural Scholarship with Latino Families

Pilar Horner has worked with Latino/Latina adults and youth affected by some of the deepest human suffering, including drug, alcohol, and sexual abuse, child neglect, poverty, mental health, HIV/AIDS, immigration and workers' rights issues, and imprisonment.

As a sociologist and assistant professor in MSU's School of Social Work, and faculty member with the Julian Samora Research Institute (JSRI), Horner's Chilean heritage has influenced the way she approaches qualitative research and cross-cultural collaborations.

"The lack of scholarship with these communities is shocking, but just because a researcher speaks Spanish doesn't mean that is the only requirement necessary to conduct community-based participatory research in a Latino community," says Horner ... read more

Girls on the Move in Michigan

Girls on the Move in Michigan

Many middle school-aged girls spend a significant amount of time in front of a screen—whether a TV, computer, MP3 player, or cell phone. The increase in digital time has become an unhealthy trend that is contributing to weight gain and related health problems for this age group. Lorraine Robbins of MSU's College of Nursing is addressing this situation in her federally-funded intervention, "Girls on the Move."

Girls on the Move targets low-active 5th to 8th grade girls in large, diverse, urban schools, with the goal of seeing increased moderate to vigorous physical activity and a change in body mass index, body fat, and overall fitness. The 17-week program includes two motivational counseling sessions with a nurse to assess the girls' needs and potential barriers to activity. Throughout the program the girls also use an iPad to answer surveys and receive helpful suggestions tailored to meet their individual needs.

"This approach provides an excellent opportunity, not only for keeping them on track with physical activity but also for developing their reading, computer, and communication skills," said Robbins ... read more

MSU Priorities

Community and Economic Development in the 21st Century

Sharing Economic Realities and Expertise: MSU Professor Spends Valuable Year at the White House with the Council of Economic Advisers

Sharing Economic Realities and Expertise: MSU Professor Spends Valuable Year at the White House with the Council of Economic Advisers

One of the most expansive professional development experiences for an economist is to advise the President of the United States. Lisa Cook had that opportunity recently, serving as a senior economist at the Council of Economic Advisers. During the year-long appointment she focused on the euro zone, macroeconomics, technology and innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The Council is an agency within the Executive Office. It was established by Congress in the Employment Act of 1946 and is responsible for analyzing and interpreting economic developments, recommending national economic policy, and assisting the President in the preparation of the annual Economic Report of the President.

It is not the first time Cook has interrupted her research to serve the federal government. She was a senior adviser on finance and development with the Council on Foreign Relations in the Treasury Department in 2000 and 2001, serving with the Clinton and Bush Administrations. She also served as a team leader on economics and international trade for President Obama during the presidential transition from November 2008 to January 2009 ... read more

Looking for Community Partners

Collaboration and partnership with communities are at the core of engaged scholarship. In all of its work, University Outreach and Engagement emphasizes university-community partnerships that are collaborative, participatory, empowering, systemic, transformative, and anchored in scholarship. If you are a faculty or academic staff member wanting to establish a community partnership, University Outreach and Engagement may be able to help you. Our staff and researchers have connections across the state in areas such as education, mental health, human services, business, and government. For more information, contact Burton Bargerstock, Executive Director of the Office for Public Engagement and Scholarship, at (517) 353-8977 or bb@msu.edu.


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