International Engagement During COVID

Students paint the rock on campus with messages of unity."While we may not be able to physically travel or be together in traditional settings right now, we can and should still be globally engaged. This pandemic has proven that the world is incredibly interconnected, and the global solutions we seek require international collaboration. I encourage you to find your path as a Global Spartan. May we all be guided to do the next right thing—whether in the digital classroom, in the field, or in our communities."

Steven Hanson
Associate Provost and Dean
International Studies and Programs

International Studies and Programs (ISP) advances MSU's global engagement by facilitating research, scholarship, educational programs, international experiences, and partnerships around the world.

While travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have severely impacted in-person international collaborations and research of thousands of faculty and students and their global partners, many have forged ahead with innovative ways to continue dialogue and collaboration with their international colleagues. One example is the Alliance for African Partnership.

Alliance for African Partnership (AAP)

Founded in 2016, the AAP is a consortium of MSU and ten leading African universities committed to working together in accountable, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and transparent ways to address global challenges. In 2020, the AAP organized a six-part Public Dialogue Series, in which leaders from consortium institutions discussed the impact of the pandemic on higher education and national economies. Moderated by Professor Paul Zeleza, vice chancellor of the United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya, the series attracted faculty, academic staff, students, and leaders in higher education, as well as non-academic representatives of the public and private sectors from 61 countries.

The series began in April with a discussion about initial lessons learned from African universities and best practices moving forward and concluded in July with an exploration of opportunities for partnership and engagement, post-pandemic.

Given the success of the series, the AAP is continuing the virtual global engagement by hosting additional dialogues this spring on important topics such as vaccine inequities and race relations. For more information and to view the AAP Public Dialogue Series, visit: Alliance for African Partnership AAP Public Dialogue Series.

Office of Global Health, Safety and Security

Operating under the auspices of ISP, the Office of Global Health, Safety and Security (formerly the Office of International Health and Safety) provides guidance on the policies and procedures to help navigate the travel restrictions. Serving as a central hub for all travel-related health and safety information including information regarding screening requirements, border closings, recommendations for airline arrangements, and procedures to protect your health and safety when traveling, the Office is a key resource for keeping Spartans safe and informed. For more information, please visit: Office for Global Health, Safety and Security.

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