Keeping Farmworkers Safe: CHAMP—COVID-19 Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Program

Farmworker in straw hat stands among tall corn stalks in field.

MSU Extension has developed a tool designed to help agricultural operations reduce the risk of worker exposure to COVID-19 and mitigate disease spread. The COVID-19 Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Program (CHAMP) is an e-tool designed as a flexible format toolkit for farm owners and operators to conduct, methodically and with rigor, a hazard-based risk assessment to identify risk factors for disease transmission amongst workers and between the public and workers in public-facing operations, and to develop a comprehensive mitigation strategy tailored to their operation following an established hierarchy of controls. The agriculture-centric pandemic preparedness education and support materials developed are designed to align with federal, state, and local guidance.

Download the CHAMP tool and learn more

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