Water Moves MSU

Water Moves MSU LogoWater impacts health, agriculture, weather, transportation, recreation, and economic sustainability. It shapes the physical world around us just as it shapes humanity. Now MSU's Cultural Engagement Council (CEC) is creating a dynamic endeavor that highlights the ways that water—in all of its forms—inspires, motivates, and affects our world.

Water Moves MSU will encourage University-wide engagement in artistic expression, cultural awareness, and scientific discovery related to water during the 2016-2017 academic year and beyond. It will also offer opportunities for university-community connections that focus on education, empowerment, understanding, awareness, and civic involvement.

Beginning with an October reception, Water Moves MSU will offer an expansive selection of university-community centered opportunities for people of all ages. Join in to discover more about how the most vital liquid on Earth can inspire creativity, innovation, and imagination.

More information at watermoves.msu.edu

About the Cultural Engagement Council

The CEC aims to create an inclusive space for envisioning and critically discussing new ways in which MSU and its surrounding community can engage in arts and cultural programs on and off campus. Since its formation in 2007, the CEC has supported and encouraged connections that integrate MSU's arts and cultural resources while broadening community awareness.

Water Moves MSU is the latest initiative undertaken by this collaborative group.

During the Year of Arts and Culture in 2007-2008, the newly formed CEC worked with deans, directors, faculty, staff, students, and local stakeholders to gather and share their activities with a wider audience.

In 2015-2016 the CEC supported the China Experience, an 18-month thematic period that focused on the arts and culture of the world's most populous country. One signature event included a halftime show performed during the MSU versus Maryland football game in November 2015, where MSU students joined the Spartan Marching Band to unite art and entertainment with Chinese folk and classical traditions.

These projects serve as examples of how campus-based networks boost community access and involvement with the University's cultural resources.

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