The MSU Student Organic Farm

MSU's Student Organic Farm (SOF) got its start in 1999, when students eager to apply their agricultural knowledge combined forces with John Biernbaum, professor of horticulture, who was equally eager to research four-season farming using hoop-houses.

Since then the 10-acre, year-round farm has grown to include six hoop-houses, a chicken project, a bee project, a certificate program in organic agriculture, an outreach program in organic and year-round production for urban and rural growers, a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, an on-campus farm stand, and sales to MSU dining halls.

The farm welcomes community members who want to take tours or spend some time volunteering. The SOF Web site ( offers information gleaned from extensive research at the farm. Weekly newsletters are archived on the Web site, where you'll also find recipes and information on upcoming events.

Student Organic Farm Sign
Student holding up a tuber.
Student Organic Farm Signs

Organic Farming Certificate Program Students Say...

"While my ultimate interest lies in the blending of ornamental and edible landscaping, the foundation that the certification program will provide me will be invaluable."

Karin Turmelle

"There is incredible potential in the Lansing area for urban agriculture and I hope to work with local schools and community centers on transforming vacant land into community gardens."

Denae Freidheim

"I'm hoping that obtaining an Organic Farming Certificate will enable me to enjoy a career in organic agriculture."

Mary Kirsch

From: MSU Student Organic Farm Newsletter, March-April 2009 issues. Reprinted with permission.

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