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Mark your calendar...

  • September 28-30, 2009
  • October 8, 2009
    • Nominations due for the 2010 MSU Outreach Scholarship Community Partnership Award
    • For details about the nomination process, a list of past winners, and other information, see
  • November 12, 2009
    • Michigan World Usability Day Conference at Michigan State University
    • For more information visit:


Graduate Certificate in Community Engagement

Beginning in fall 2009, this program will prepare MSU graduate students for academic careers that integrate scholarship with community engagement. The program is tailored for students in cooperation with their graduate advisor and University Outreach and Engagement. It includes both instruction and a mentored experience in community engagement. Participants completing the program receive a Certificate in Community Engagement and a notation on their academic transcript. Students from all colleges are eligible. To learn more, visit

Tools of Engagement

University Outreach and Engagement has launched Tools of Engagement, a series of modules designed to introduce undergraduate students to the concept of universitycommunity engagement and develop their research and engagement skills. The modules encourage students to critically reflect on the content, offering concrete examples that illustrate abstract concepts and asking them to come up with their own real-life situations. The five modules focus on working in groups effectively, negotiation techniques, and so on. They can be taken in consecutive or random order. Instructors can choose to integrate the modules directly into classroom presentations or assign students to complete them prior to class. For more information visit


C. Kurt Dewhurst

Former MSU Museum Director C. Kurt Dewhurst took on a new role July 1, joining University Outreach and Engagement as director of arts and cultural initiatives. In this new position he will focus on strengthening connections between MSU and arts communities in mid-Michigan, statewide, and internationally.

Patricia A. Farrell

Patricia A. Farrell, Senior Director of University Outreach and Engagement, joined MSU's Executive Management Team as Assistant Provost for University-Community Partnerships in June 2009.

Gary John Morgan

Gary John Morgan has been appointed as Michigan State University Museum director, effective Sept. 1, where he will oversee Michigan's natural history and culture museum and the state's first Smithsonian Institution affiliate. Morgan, a native of Australia, has more than 25 years of experience in museum management, research, and wildlife conservation.

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