Strategic Investments Increase Opportunities for Research

MSU faculty members often summarize research results for policy, practitioners, and community audiences.

Outreach research projects may be evaluation studies, policy analyses, demonstration projects, or other forms of applied research—any new scholarly knowledge developed in collaboration with external constituents for mutual benefit and capacity building.

An institution-wide commitment to supporting engaged research is essential for its success, since the work is both time—and resource—intensive. In addition to the usual demands of project management, it requires a tolerance for relationship building and a willingness to accommodate the priorities, administrative considerations, and schedules of others. Reporting requirements may double or triple as community partners, funders, and scholarly colleagues all seek answers to different questions.

Michigan State University continuously affirms and re-creates the value it places on applying knowledge to serve society by giving it priority at top administrative levels and exploring ways to better assist the faculty members and their partners who undertake this work. Current strategies for encouraging engaged research at MSU include seed funding programs, awards, and other incentives.

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