A Global Model Expands International Reach

Michigan State University's international outreach initiatives are among the largest and most vital in the country, guiding undergraduate and graduate students in study abroad programs, and developing international opportunities for MSU faculty and researchers.

MSU actively works to make international resources and expertise available to off-campus audiences including educators, government agencies, the business community, and the general public.

International Studies and Programs Office

MSU's Office of International Studies and Programs ensures a thorough cross-coverage of priorities through:

  • Six thematic centers focused on development, business education and research, agriculture, health, education, and women/gender relations.
  • Five geographic area studies centers focused on Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.
  • Language study units including the Center for Language Education and Research as well as centers and departments focused on specific languages and cultures.
  • Support units for students and scholars focused on international volunteering, study abroad, international Extension training programs, Peace Corps opportunities, visiting international professionals, English tutoring, and more.

Contact Jeff Riedinger, Director, (517) 355-2350
or info@isp.msu.edu for more information.

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