Engaged Research Enriches Community, Economic, and Family Life

Michigan State University's community-based research partnerships increase the capacity of faculty and communities to address a wide variety of societal issues. Direct gains for community partners can include better technologies, policies, organizational capacities, and other improvements. Benefits for faculty partners include opportunities for new areas of research or pedagogy, new intellectual property, and scholarly work about the project. At their best, these partnerships involve shared goals, expertise, and resources, and result in mutually identified benefits.

University-Community Partnerships

University-Community Partnerships (UCP) is a department of University Outreach and Engagement that facilitates community-based research and evaluation partnerships.

If you are an MSU faculty or staff member, UCP can help you:

  • Establish partnerships with community groups
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff from other departments on community-based research
  • Find support for community-based research initiatives

If you are a community partner, UCP can help you:

  • Locate faculty and staff to work on community issues
  • Learn about evaluating programs based on outcomes
  • Incorporate evidence-based practice into your program

Contact Patricia A. Farrell, Director, (517) 353-8977
or farrellp@msu.edu for more information.

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