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THE ENGAGED SCHOLAR MAGAZINE focuses on collaborative partnerships between Michigan State University and its external constituents—partnerships forged for mutual benefit and learning, with an emphasis on research.

This issue looks at cultural entrepreneurship--a major connection between the arts and community vitality--and how the University is helping to make it stronger, better, and more sustainable.

Framing Public Discussion

  • ARTICLE:  Ethics and Development in Mali
  • Ethics and Development in Mali
  • Over the past several summers, MSU undergraduates have traveled to meet and work with the artists, writers, scientists, and teachers in Mali who are responding to the...more

Preserving Cultural Lore and Traditions

  • ARTICLE:  Linking Arts and Data Management
  • Linking Arts and Data Management
  • The Internet offers a vast wealth of text, images, video, audio, and other multimedia resources available to any user who takes the trouble to find them...more

Voicing Workers' Experiences

  • ARTICLE:  Our Daily Work/Our Daily Lives Exhibition
  • "Our Daily Work/Our Daily Lives" Exhibition
  • John Beck sees work as one of the most important means by which we define ourselves and others. Work affects us and we in turn affect work. But Beck's interest in work also extends beyond the workplace. According to Beck, "Our relationship to work is not...more
  • ARTICLE:  As the Iron Cools - Auto Industry Performance Project
  • "As the Iron Cools" Auto Industry Performance Project
  • Too many Michigan households know firsthand the sad saga of the declining automotive industry. However, it isn't every day that the oral history of unemployed Michigan autoworkers and others associated with the industry is collected and becomes the basis...more

Investing in Community Vitality

  • ARTICLE:  Professing Jazz
  • Professing Jazz
  • How, in a few short years, do you grow a modest undergraduate jazz studies curriculum into one of the strongest programs in the United States? How do you ... branch out from a standard classroom teaching model to one that embraces passing the torch of...more
  • ARTICLE:  Doing Research with Community Partners
  • Doing Research with Community Partners
  • Ed Mahoney is a huge advocate for outreach partnerships. "The best way to form relationships with clients," he said, "is to do research with them. Data requires very strong partnerships with different constituent groups. You can reach more people through...more

Outreach and Engagement at MSU

  • ARTICLE:  Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Over the last five years there has been a growing recognition that the creative economy is only just beginning to be understood and harnessed as a tool for community development...more