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The Engaged Scholar Magazine Cover - Volume 8 (PDF)

Science and Technology
Volume 8 features Science and Technology research and collaborative partnerships at Michigan State University.


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Transformations in Higher Education: The Scholarship of Engagement Series
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Online curriculum modules are available for use by MSU faculty to introduce undergraduate students to the concept of university-community engagement.

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Program prepares graduate students for academic careers that integrate scholarship with community engagement. It offers students a transcript notation indicating that they have completed the program.

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[October 2013]

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Featured MSU Engaged Scholars

Detroit Sexual Assault Kit Action Research Project

Detroit Sexual Assault Kit Action Research Project

Rebecca Campbell is keenly aware of the importance of working with multiple stakeholders to bring about effective, collaborative change — and how a researcher's role can contribute to those changes.

Dr. Campbell has worked on a multitude of projects that address the legal and medical systems available for sexual assault survivors. She has developed close community partnerships with professionals who work tirelessly to promote better services for those who have experienced violent crimes.

Two years ago Campbell was brought in to the Detroit Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Action Research Project to establish the methodology and the indicators for data collection and evaluation. In that capacity, Campbell is instrumental in contributing academic expertise for one of the toughest challenges to emerge in Michigan law enforcement ... read more

An Excellent Music Education:  Without Boundaries

An Excellent Music Education: Without Boundaries

As a world-class pianist, award-winning instructor, and director of MSU's Piano Pedagogy program, Derek Polischuk has no trouble infusing his passion for high quality music education into his students. But for Dr. Polischuk, inspiring his own students is not enough. He wants a high quality music education to be available to everyone.

"What I value," said Polischuk, "is the opportunity for my pedagogy students to understand the importance of making high quality music education available to anybody, regardless of their economic status."

In order to help make that happen, Polischuk and his students, along with other College of Music faculty and students, make visits each semester to the Cornerstone Schools in Detroit, where they offer master classes and consultation in piano, strings, voice, and early childhood music ... read more

MSU Priorities

Community and Economic Development in the 21st Century

MSU At Forefront of Structural Fire Safety Research and Design

MSU At Forefront of Structural Fire Safety Research and Design

Fire is a frightening and costly occurrence. There are thousands of examples each year of how fire claims lives and property, with a wide range of circumstances and outcomes. Venkatesh Kodur is an international leader known for his scientific experimentation and analytical modeling of the behavior of structural systems under extreme fire conditions, and his advocacy of performance-based fire safety design.

Dr. Kodur came to Michigan State University in 2005 from the National Research Council of Canada. He leads the Structural Fire Testing Facility (SAFE-D Center), a first-of-its-kind scientific operation opened in 2007 within MSU's Civil Infrastructure Laboratory. Through the SAFE-D Center, Dr. Kodur oversees a structural fire testing facility that simulates high temperatures, heat patterns and load distribution on structural members as encountered in real fires in buildings. This highly sophisticated fire test furnace is capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit ... read more

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Collaboration and partnership with communities are at the core of engaged scholarship. In all of its work, University Outreach and Engagement emphasizes university-community partnerships that are collaborative, participatory, empowering, systemic, transformative, and anchored in scholarship. If you are a faculty or academic staff member wanting to establish a community partnership to work on a specific research issue, University Outreach and Engagement can help you. Our staff, specialists, and researchers have established connections across the state in a number of areas such as education, mental health, human services, business, and government. For more information, contact Laurie Van Egeren, Assistant Provost for University-Community Partnerships at (517) 353-8977, or vanegere@msu.edu.

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